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The percentage of Dane County home sales that involved distressed properties increased to over 25% in the first quarter of 2010. Wisconsin is not immune from the national foreclosure crisis. The good news, however, is that Wisconsin’s woes don’t compare to the hardest hit states and our housing market continues to outshine the national averages.

Nevertheless, a large percentage of Dane County sales in the first quarter of 2010 were foreclosure related.  Indeed, the Distressed Property Index, developed by Homested Title and Dan Miller, indicates that distressed properties account for over 25% of all Dane County sales.  

The Distressed Property Index measures the ratio of foreclosure filings to total home sales in Dane County. The index provides an estimate of the number of distressed properties sales in the overall market. A distressed property is one that has gone through some stage of the foreclosure process.

In March, the index topped 25%, suggesting that more than 25% of Dane County sales involved a distressed property.

The Index was created by Peter Zarov and Dan Miller as a way of providing critical information for Buyers, Sellers, and their agents.

The Index is published on a monthly basis at the Wisconsin State Journal and on Danecountymarket.com.

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